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Queen’s Blade – Steel Iron Princess Yumil

April 23, 2009






Name: Yumil
Height: 120 cm
B :61
W :52
H :66
Occupation: Blacksmith at the steel mines
Weapons: Giant Axe

Armor: Head Cloth and Dwarf Dress
Favorite things: Blast Furnace
What do you hate: Snakes
Hobbies: Making Accessories









Hailing from Koutetsuyama, the mountain with the continent’s richest deposit of iron ore, Yumil was born in a family of iron dwarf that create weapons and crafts. Being the daughter of the dwarven king, a descendent of the steel plant management entrusted for more than 50 years, they are the leading iron ore producers in the country.


Due to the increase of the organizations of mine and the rise of cheap, mass-produced steel in the recent year, the dwarven ironworks have been endangered. In order to show the world that the dwarven make weapon was the best, Yumil decided to enter the Queen’s Blade competition to prove the superiority of the Dwarven Weapon despite being stopped by her father.



Item name: Queen’s Blade – Yumil (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 
Scale: 1/7
Retail: ¥7980
Material: PVC 
Producer: Hiroman
Original: Queen’s Blade 
Release Date: April 2009
Character created by Mibu Natsuki

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This cute and lovely loli girl is up for pre-order price at SGD105

Post ‘+1’ under comment, and email us at your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD50 for this set has been paid.


World of Warcraft – Frostmourne Replica

April 11, 2009

If you’ve ever played Warcraft (the RTS) and/or Wrath of the Lich King, you’ll have heard of Frostmourne, the Legendary weapon of the Lich King.

Mmm...nice lava lamp...

Mmm...nice lava lamp...

So, for all you warcraft fanatics out there, here’s something cool, the Frostmourne LIFESIZE (yes, you read correct, this is 47 inches of cold, hard steel) replica:


Whoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit.

Such was the warning given to all who would seek to wield Frostmourne, the most powerful runeblade in all of known existence.



Weighing almost 8kg, this replica is no butter knife.
Gotta love cool looking squiggles.

Gotta love cool looking squiggles.

 With a price tag to match its size, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to own this beauty. Congratulations to everyone out there who got their hands on one.



Sideshow’s World of Warcraft Diorama!!

April 1, 2009

This is an old review I did just after I got my grubby paws on the beauty of a diorama, but it’s still a good one. This was the second statue in Sideshow’s collaboration with Blizzard, and I just felt it had to be talked about.

As you may know, I played WoW hardcore for about 2 years before I retired and returned to reality. And what a sad reality it is. So, obviously, when Sideshow announced they were making a statue based on two memorable years of my life, I was all over it.

The diorama is based on the teaser artwork that was shown by Blizzard just prior to the release of The Burning Crusade expansion, introducing two new races, Blood Elf and Draenei, to the game.

The composition captures a Rogue Blood Elf in mid air, coming down on a Paladin Draenei. Rogue in mid-strike, Paladin’s shield raised in defense, preparing for the return smash of the hammer on leather.

The Blood Elf Rogue is geared in Tier 2 Bloodfang Armour, but I can’t for the life of me recall what blades those are. They look so darned familiar.

The Draenei is geared in PvP Lieutenant Commander’s Battlegear Armour, wielding a Hammer of the Naaru.


I had to wait for this piece for more than half a year and I had it preordered the moment I heard about it, so you can imagine my excitement when I finally laid eyes on the statue in front of me!

Beautiful, beautiful piece! To me, this is seriously one of those pieces where pictures don’t do it any justice.

I have to admit, I had my reservations at first when I saw some of the initial pictures on the forums. There were some concerns on the unusually long-ish facial sculpt of the Blood Elf, but they melted away when I saw it for the first time.

There is an amazing amount of detail that has to be seen in person to be appreciated. So much disparing textures to look out for on it! The leather, the steel, the cloth and even the texture of the paper in the tome…it’s simply incredible. I can’t say I’ve seen more colour on any other diorama or statue, and with such richness and so many various tones as well.

The slash marks and chips on the battleworn armour and shield.


The flowing hair and billowing cloak.

Check out the tattered and frayed cloak on the Draenei. Beautiful detail.


Even the worn leather bound tome looks…well…beautifully worn and leather bound.


I love the detail on the Draenei’s hooves!!


All these little details, together with the colour and composition of the piece, comes together to make up a beautifully dynamic diorama!!


Kudos to the Pablo Viggiano‘s team on creating such a masterpiece! You can check out the making of here

My only grouse with the piece are the poor facial expressions. They both look rather poker faced. Grrr. But even without much expression, there is still so much detail to admire on the Draenei’s face. Absolutely beautiful.


I think facial expressions would have lent the piece an added sense of epic-ness of these two characters’ intense fight to the death.

But aside from the poker faced facial sculpts, I’m in WoW heaven…*orgasm*…this really brings back memories of my gaming days. It’s too bad I didn’t have a chance to get the Sideshow exclusive, which would have given me an extra Netherwhelp pet. It’s not that cute, but it would have been a welcome addition, hehe. Oh well, I’m a happy camper as it is with this piece already.

I truly hope there’s more in store for this line of statues, what with the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, already announced.

Iwantthattoy rates this statue 4.5/5. It loses points for the poor facial expressions.