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Sideshow Collectibles’ Starcraft 2 Marine Tychus Findlay Statue

May 8, 2009

Real Time Strategy games hold a very dear place in iWantThatToy’s heart. Having grown up playing Dune 2 and Command and Conquer way back in the 1980’s and becoming jaded with the genre, Blizzard’s offering of Starcraft was a breath of fresh air.

Starcraft gripped the gaming community when it was first released, and is still a mainstay of many gaming tournaments today, most notably in South Korea.

So, it came as no surprise, that with the phenomenal success of Starcraft, a second Starcraft was announced at Blizzcon 2008.

StarCraft II, originally envisioned as a single game, was announced to be a trilogy at BlizzCon 2008, consisting of one game followed up later by two expansion packs, provisionally entitled Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void respectively.

Unlike the original series, where each game had three 8-10 mission campaigns, one for each race, each game in the StarCraft II trilogy will have only one, 26-30 mission campaign centered around a single race. The Terrans will be the focus of the first campaign, followed up by Zerg and Protoss races in the expansions. Every game in the trilogy will have all races available to play during the skirmish or multiplayer and online modes. Blizzard claims that each part will have enough content to feel like a full game in its own right. No release dates have been announced for the trilogy as yet.

The campaign storyline of StarCraft II takes place four years after StarCraft: Brood War, and features the return of a number of characters from the original series; including Zeratul, Arcturus Mengsk, Artanis, Sarah Kerrigan, and Jim Raynor. Players will also revisit original series’ worlds, like Char, Mar Sara, and Braxis; as well as new worlds, such as the jungle planet Bel’Shir. It has been confirmed that the Xel’Naga, the ancient space-faring race responsible for creating the Protoss and the Zerg, play a major role in the story.

At the conclusion of Brood War, Kerrigan and her Zerg forces became the dominant faction in the Koprulu Sector, having annihilated the United Earth Directorate’s Expeditionary Force, defeated the Terran Dominion, and invaded the Protoss homeworld of Aiur. However, after the conclusion of Brood War, Kerrigan retreats to Char, despite having more than enough power to crush all remaining resistance in the Koprulu Sector. In the four years leading up to the events of StarCraft II, she has not been seen or heard from by any of the other characters; although her ultimate attack may come at any moment.

Arcturus Mengsk has been left to rebuild the Dominion, and is consolidating his power while fending off harassment from rival Terran groups. Valerian Mengsk, a character introduced in the novel Firstborn, will play an important role in Dominion politics, due to his position as heir apparent to the throne.

Meanwhile, Jim Raynor, whose role in the events of StarCraft and Brood War has been marginalized by the media under the Dominion’s control, has been reduced to mercenary status, and has been shown to be doing business with the “Moebius Foundation”, a new faction which is interested in ancient Xel’Naga artifacts.

Chris Metzen, Vice President of Creative Development at Blizzard, has emphasized that by the events of StarCraft II, Raynor has become jaded and embittered by the way he was used and betrayed by Arcturus Mengsk. Other new characters to the series include Tychus Findlay, first introduced in the StarCraft II teaser cinematic, a marine who will be a member of Raynor’s crew, and Matt Horner, Raynor’s second in command, a character originally featured in the novel Queen of Blades.

Following the fall of Aiur and the death of their matriarch Raszagal, the Protoss have retreated to the dark templar homeworld of Shakuras. There, Artanis, a former student of Tassadar, is trying to unify the Khalai Protoss and the dark templar, who have nearly separated into a tribal mindset as a result of centuries of distrust. Zeratul, tormented over the murder of his matriarch, has disappeared to search for clues to the meaning of Samir Duran’s cryptic statements regarding the Protoss/Zerg hybrids in Brood War’s secret mission “Dark Origin”.

According to his criminal record within the trailer, Findlay is a convicted criminal from Mar Sara, sentenced for murder, piracy, theft, larceny and narcotics offenses, and is also suspected of several other crimes. His death sentence was commuted for service in the Marine Corps. At BlizzCon in August of 2007, Findlay was shown in the single-player campaign demonstration, in the service of Jim Raynor. It was later revealed in BlizzCon 2008 that he escaped from prison and, in the Terran campaign’s opening missions, tracked down Raynor and recruited him to work for the Moebius Foundation

Brought to life by Martin Canale and his talented team, The Gore Group, this stunningly detailed statue has to be seen in person to be believed.

Here, we have the ‘making of’ of this statue:












Standing at 18″ tall, the sheer presence of this statue is simply awe-inspiring. While the composition of this statue isn’t the most creative, it is the immense detail in the actual piece itself that takes the breath away.


The bad news: this statue was only available to customers in the EU and US for direct order.

The good news: iWantThatToy managed to get their hands on one, and here it is in all it’s full coloured glory!


From the tiniest weather worn detail at the paint application level,


to the blood soaked rock on which the recently dispatched Hydralisk lies (note the beautiful detail on the carapace!),


to the spent cartridges,


To the scars and pores on Findlay’s face (I’ve seen my fair share of human representation, but this is absolutely amazing!),


Weighing in at roughly 7kg, this is one solid piece of art. I would rate this beauty 4.5/5. It basically loses points for the pose, but that, in no way, detracts from the perfection of this statue.

 And to whet our readers’ appetites even more, here’s the official game trailer that was released by Blizzard Entertainment some time ago.

It certainly is about time we gamers got our Starcraft fix…