Sideshow Darth Vader Premium Format

May 1, 2009

If you grew up in the 1970s, Star Wars would have been a HUGE part of your lives. Even if you weren’t directly affected by it, you would have known someone who was crazy about it, and would be talking about it incessantly.

And the penultimate bad guy in Star Wars? Obviously, it has to be Darth Vader. In the 30+ years since his debut, there has been no badder-ass, evil-exuding asthma sufferer that’s quite caught the world’s attention as Lord Vader.

Sure, the fashion’s gone out of style since then, and he might have only come in 3rd by The American Film Institute’s list of the greatest movie villains after Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates,  but hey, who else do you know can force choke you with only a flick of the wrist with nary a care in the world?

If I saw Vader in real life today, I’d prostrate myself in front of him in awe.

Heck…Darth Vader IS Star Wars.

Tall and menacing, Darth Vader is the most potent icon of the Galactic Empire’s might. The protege of the Emperor himself, Vader answers to only the highest in the Imperial command structure and is granted great leeway in the work he conducts on his master’s behalf.

Once a Jedi, Vader possesses absolute command over the Force, and through him it is directed to terrible and often fatal effect. As a Lord of the Sith, the Dark Side flows through him, and it can be channeled to kill with a single thought or to subdue his detractors, enemies, and sometimes even subordinates.

Feared by Rebels and Imperials alike, Darth Vader is a terrifying union of man and machine hidden beneath black robes and forbidding armor. Determined to hunt down and extinguish the Rebel Alliance, Vader commands the massive Imperial fleet and rules his forces through unquestionable terror, much like some bosses we’ve all come across in real life at least once. *rolls eyes*

Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Darth Vader Figure is a museum quality 1/4 scale reproduction of the Dark Lord’s appearance in Star Wars: A New Hope.


The multi-layered costume has expertly tailored clothing with a body and armor cast in heavy-weight polystone and other mediums, each chosen to best represent the original costume.


The lightsabre, chest and belt panels feature electronic light function, as you can well see. However, as you can also see, the light up function on the lightsabre doesn’t seem to be even, showing up bright on only the tip and base of the sabre. Nitpicking aside, this is still totally beautiful. The light saber is an exact replica of Vader’s saber in Episode 5.


The clothing is real: Cloth for the cape and drapes, leather (or vinyl) for the suit and boots!  


Towering over most other collectibles at a height of 23″, this statue certainly has the presence befitting of such an iconic character.

iWantThatToy gives this beautiful statue 4.5 / 5. This piece basically loses points over the uneven light of the lightsabre and the unimaginative pose. Although, it has to be said, this pose is truly movie accurate.

While this has long been sold out in shops everywhere, iWantThatToy recently tracked down 2 (yes, you read right, TWO) pieces of this beauty!

If you’re keen on getting your hands on one at SGD1000, Post ‘+1’ under comment, and email us at iwantthattoy@gmail.com your name and contact details to reserve one now! Reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD500 for this statue has been paid.

The first Star Wars film hit screens in 1977 and was titled Star Wars: A New Hope. Basically this was Episode 4 in a series of 9, the last three of which seem unlikely to be made at this time.

iWantThatToy signs off here, with a little piece of geek nostalgia:


Queen’s Blade – Steel Iron Princess Yumil

April 23, 2009






Name: Yumil
Height: 120 cm
B :61
W :52
H :66
Occupation: Blacksmith at the steel mines
Weapons: Giant Axe

Armor: Head Cloth and Dwarf Dress
Favorite things: Blast Furnace
What do you hate: Snakes
Hobbies: Making Accessories









Hailing from Koutetsuyama, the mountain with the continent’s richest deposit of iron ore, Yumil was born in a family of iron dwarf that create weapons and crafts. Being the daughter of the dwarven king, a descendent of the steel plant management entrusted for more than 50 years, they are the leading iron ore producers in the country.


Due to the increase of the organizations of mine and the rise of cheap, mass-produced steel in the recent year, the dwarven ironworks have been endangered. In order to show the world that the dwarven make weapon was the best, Yumil decided to enter the Queen’s Blade competition to prove the superiority of the Dwarven Weapon despite being stopped by her father.



Item name: Queen’s Blade – Yumil (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 
Scale: 1/7
Retail: ¥7980
Material: PVC 
Producer: Hiroman
Original: Queen’s Blade 
Release Date: April 2009
Character created by Mibu Natsuki

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This cute and lovely loli girl is up for pre-order price at SGD105

Post ‘+1’ under comment, and email us at iwantthattoy@gmail.com your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD50 for this set has been paid.


Queen’s Blade – Guardian of the Forest Nowa

April 22, 2009



Name: Nowa
Height: 158 cm
B :78
W :55
H :81
Occupation: Keeper of the forest
Weapons: Stick
Armor: None (Protected by her monkey, Ruu)
Favorite things: Animals
What do you hate: Lonely
Hobbies: A collection of beautiful stone




Nowa was born in a family of half Elves Human. Being left by a mysterious man in a village, Nowa was found and raised by the humans, not knowing her parents. Due to her strength, she was hated by the people in the village. Being lonely, Nowa left the village and got lost in the wood of the elves.

The chief warrior of the Elves Tribe found her and felt sorry for the circumstances she went through, and appointed her the role of the guardian of the forest. Nowa, now spend her days playing with the animals of the forest, helping those that get lost their way around the forest and protecting the forest from harms.

Her goal in entering Queen’s Blade is to pave the way for better relationships between humans and elves.


Item name: Queen’s Blade – Nowa (PVC Figure)

Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 

Scale: 1/7

Retail: ¥7980

Material: PVC 

Producer: Akio Akiyama 

Original: Queen’s Blade 

Release Date: April 2009

Character created by Hirata Yuuzou




Item name: Queen’s Blade – Nowa (PVC Figure)

(Treasure Festa Exclusive)

Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 

Scale: 1/7

Retail: ¥6000

Material: PVC 

Producer: Akio Akiyama 

Original: Queen’s Blade 

Release Date: April 2009

Character created by Hirata Yuuzou


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Ironman Mark II From Hot Toys

April 18, 2009

2008 was a bumper year for superhero movies, and with the multitude of movie accurate collectibles hitting the market, it’s hard to decide which collectible to spend your hard earned money on.

Luckily for our readers, iWantThatToy showcases only the hottest ones to hit the shelves, and, at the same time, gives you the chance to get your hands on the hard-to-get stuff.

Like the movie accurate Ironman Mark II 12″ figure:


The Mark II was the test unit that Tony Stark used in the movie during the test flight of the Ironman armour. Absolutely loved that sequence!

We lol’ed at the scene where the boy on the ferris wheel drops his ice cream.

The IRON MAN MARK II features:

– Authentic and detailed fully realized Mark 2
– Stands approximate 30 cm tall
– Over 36 points of articulations
– Metal-like painting
– Special features on the MARK II armor:

+ Light up glowing eyes and heart (battery operated):

+ Articulated flaps at back of the armor and on legs



+ Working forearms missile
– “Proof that TONY STARK has a heart” accessory with light up function

– Three pairs of Interchangeable hands, including light up replusor palms
– Alternate head that has a raising face- plate revealing the face of Robert Downey Jr. as TONY STARK
– 12-inch figure stand

The Ironman Mark II from Hot Toys is up for reservation at a very affordable price of SGD250!

If you like what you see, post a ‘+1’ under comments, and email us at iwantthattoy@gmail.com your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD125 has been paid.


Final Fantasy – Cloud/Daytona and Cloud/Fenrir

April 16, 2009

If you’re a gamer, you’ll have played Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1 from WAAAAY back then. And if you didn’t play it then, here’s an introduction, exerpt taken from Wikipedia:

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is introduced as a mercenary and former member of SOLDIER, 1st Class, an elite military unit operating under the Shinra Company. Presented at the game’s start as apathetic to anything unrelated to his job, Cloud’s blasé attitude towards the goals of AVALANCHE, a resistance group fighting against Shinra, and the threat posed to the planet causes conflict with the other characters, and his background produces misgivings as to Cloud’s motivations and trustworthiness.

Cloud, meanwhile, takes pride in his past, confident in his abilities as a “former member of SOLDIER.” Despite appearing detached to members of AVALANCHE in the game’s introductory sequence, Cloud does display moments of camaraderie, some depending on the player’s choices. When confronted by his childhood friend and AVALANCHE member, Tifa *omg hot babe!*, Cloud agrees to keep his boyhood promise to protect her, continuing his AVALANCHE membership despite never having become a famous hero. Following the player’s departure from Midgar, Cloud is appointed group leader by the other members of the party, much to the chagrin of Barret, AVALANCHE’s original leader.

In interacting with Aeris *omg hot girl next door!*, a flower girl wanted by Shinra and sole survivor of an ancient race known as the Cetra, Cloud’s character is further expanded upon. He shows increased signs of good-natured humor and protectiveness, as opposed to his antagonistic use of sarcasm with Barret or comparative coolness to everyone other than Tifa that he has previously spoken with.

Aeris, in turn, reciprocates this attitude, offering her assistance to lead Cloud back to Sector 7 and to rescue Tifa in Sector 6, despite Cloud being her bodyguard and the danger present. Aerith also inquires about Cloud’s romantic life, and, depending on the player’s dialogue choices and actions, could be one of several characters to take Cloud on a “date” at the Golden Saucer, an enormous amusement park, along with Tifa, and less seriously, Barret and optional character Yuffie. This love triangle aspect between Cloud, Tifa and Aerith is primarily focused on in the first disc, and at times is used to humorous effect. 

And Cloud completes the bad-boy look with his trusty bike, Hardy Daytona, first seen in a cut scene in the game:

Cloud also makes an appearance in the 2005 spin-off of Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children. The idea for Advent Children came about when script writer Kazushige Nojima wrote a script that was “just a story about Cloud and Tifa and the kids”. Visual Works, a company that has developed CG films for Square, picked Final Fantasy VII as the theme for a presentation that they were going to create.

Taking place two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII, the survivors of Midgar have begun to build a new city, Edge, on the outskirts of the old metropolis. A strange disease known as “Geostigma” has arisen. After Cloud’s showdown with Sephiroth, he has been living with Tifa in Edge. Marlene and an orphaned boy named Denzel have been entrusted to their care.

After receiving a message from Tifa, Cloud is attacked by three men, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, who believe that he has hidden their “mother”. The leader, Kadaj, ends the battle as he discovers that Cloud does not have their “mother”. Cloud responds to a message from Tifa, who tells him that the Turks have a job for him. At the meeting place, Cloud discovers that Rufus Shinra is still alive. Rufus attempts to enlist Cloud’s help to stop the trio, but fails. Kadaj arrives and demands that Rufus tell him where to find his “mother”. It is revealed that his “mother” is Jenova’s remains, and is somehow connected to the cause of the Geostigma. The trio are planning a new “reunion” that will culminate in an assault on the Planet.

Here’s a quick look of Cloud (always the bad-boy) on his new bike, Fenrir, as seen in a bike chase scene in Advent Children.

Now, Square Enix have reproduced, to excellent likeness, both Clouds as seen in the game and movie, as well as the cool super bikes.

Here we have Cloud and Hardy Daytona as seen in the game:



With a fully poseable Cloud, the two certainly look great together:



And here’s Cloud and Fenrir as seen in the movie! 





Also fully poseable, this harder-to-find set will be the set to look out for:



The Cloud and Hardy Daytona set is up for pre-order at SGD120, while the Cloud and Fenrir set is pre-ordering at SGD125.

Or, you can make a reservation for BOTH at a very affordable price of SGD225!

Post ‘+1 FF7′,  ‘+1 FF-AC’ or ‘+1 FF-BOTH’ for each type of order under comments if you’re interested, and email us at iwantthattoy@gmail.com your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD50 for either set, or SGD100 for both sets has been paid.

This pre-order closes on the 20th of April 2009, 3pm. Hurry!


Vinyl Collectible Doll : W-size Doraemon

April 15, 2009

It’s everybody’s favorite robot cat from the future, Doraemon!

If you’ve ever wondered how Doraemon came to be, here’s how:


Medicom brings us a delightfully HUGE (40cm tall–that’s about one-third lifesize!) vinyl collectible figure of the iconic anime character. This has got to be the absolute largest Doraemon I’ve ever encountered in my entire life.

Only 1,293 will be produced (in honor of the “real” Doraemon’s 129.3kg weight, 129.3cm height, max power of 129.3 bhp, max running speed of 129.3km/h…you get the idea)! Picture him outside your front door greeting guests! He’s virtually guaranteed to make you smile–make him yours today!

Here’s a little something to get our readers into the Doraemon mood:


And here’s a rather amusing clip of a live action Doraemon:

Notice that Doraemon doesn’t actually go down the stage to interact with the audience. I wonder if the organisers somehow think that the poor Doraemon would have gotten mobbed by the scores of kids present.

Imagine the headlines: ‘Doraemon Trampled To Death By Adoring Fans’


The W-Size Doraemon is currently available at a very affordable price of SGD299.90!

Post ‘+1′ under comments if you’d like one, and email us at iwantthattoy@gmail.com your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD200 for has been paid.


Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku!

April 13, 2009

Dragonball fans rejoice!

iWantThatToy has managed to get a hold of a limited quantity of this beautiful statue of Goku in Super Saiyan mode in classic museum pose:



Here’s another picture for scale:

Coke Bottles Do Not Faze ME!!!!

Coke Bottles Do Not Faze ME!!!!

Seriously, folks, pictures do not do this statue justice. This has to be seen in person to be believed!


Shipping in mid-May 2009, Super Saiyan Son Goku Statue Museum Pose is now available at an affordable pre-order price of SGD280!

Post ‘+1′ under comments if you’d like one, and email us at iwantthattoy@gmail.com your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD140 for either item has been paid and stocks have arrived.

Remember, this is very limited, and you might not be able to get the chance to own the one of the most recognisable characters from the Dragonball Universe again!

And just so you know iWantThatToy is here to help you on your way to Dragonball collection nirvana, here’s a sneak of an upcoming piece:


Don’t wait, order now!