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1/4 Scale Apocalypse by Fat Boy Studios (Work-In-Progress)

June 15, 2009

iWantThatToy brings you yet another quality production from Fat Boy Studios:

Apocaplypse 1

Apocalypse! In 1/4 scale!

Keep checking back for more details on when you’ll be able to get your hands on a piece!

Apocaplypse 2


Yoko Real Image Version (よーこ りあるいめーじばーじょん) By Max Factory

May 19, 2009

Gurren Lagaan

Gurren Lagann takes place in a future where human beings have been forced under Earth’s surface and live in isolated subterranean civilizations. These “villages” have no contact with the surface world or other villages. Because frequent earthquakes damage infrastructure, the villages must constantly extend deeper into the earth — individuals relegated to this task are known as “diggers”.

The discovery of large robots, the ‘Gurren’, terrorising the surface of the earth, and the use of a small drill key that can be used to activate a small robot named ‘Lagann’ to defeat them joins the fates of the three main characters of this series: Simon, Kamina and Yoko.

Now, Max Factory has produced a realistic take on Yoko, the sniper of Team Gurren. As a slightly different image to the original work, Yoko has been sculpted in a more realistic manner, creating a new exquisite presence.


From the details on her tight hot-pants and knee-socks to the smallest of details on her fingertips and facial expression – Yoko has been brought to life as a zealous 1/6 scale PVC figure.


A visor is also included and can be attached to create a more stylish image. There are many Yoko figures around, but this is one with a very distinct charm that collectors are bound to fall in love with.


Retailing at ¥9800 to be released in September 2009, this is certainly one hot babe to look out for in the coming months!


1/4 Scale Colossus Vs. Juggernaut (Work-In-Progress)

May 17, 2009

Spotted on the internet recently:

Colossus 1

Work in progress pictures of an upcoming offering from a private sculptor!

Colossus 3

This is just half of the composition, with the other half being Juggernaut!!!!!

Just the details of the hands alone are worth the price of entry:

Colossus 2

I can’t wait to see how the end product looks like.

If you think you might be interested in securing a piece for yourself, keep checking back here for more information on when this becomes available for pre-order!


Queen’s Blade – Steel Iron Princess Yumil

April 23, 2009






Name: Yumil
Height: 120 cm
B :61
W :52
H :66
Occupation: Blacksmith at the steel mines
Weapons: Giant Axe

Armor: Head Cloth and Dwarf Dress
Favorite things: Blast Furnace
What do you hate: Snakes
Hobbies: Making Accessories









Hailing from Koutetsuyama, the mountain with the continent’s richest deposit of iron ore, Yumil was born in a family of iron dwarf that create weapons and crafts. Being the daughter of the dwarven king, a descendent of the steel plant management entrusted for more than 50 years, they are the leading iron ore producers in the country.


Due to the increase of the organizations of mine and the rise of cheap, mass-produced steel in the recent year, the dwarven ironworks have been endangered. In order to show the world that the dwarven make weapon was the best, Yumil decided to enter the Queen’s Blade competition to prove the superiority of the Dwarven Weapon despite being stopped by her father.



Item name: Queen’s Blade – Yumil (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 
Scale: 1/7
Retail: ¥7980
Material: PVC 
Producer: Hiroman
Original: Queen’s Blade 
Release Date: April 2009
Character created by Mibu Natsuki

Click here for more review of Yumil

This cute and lovely loli girl is up for pre-order price at SGD105

Post ‘+1’ under comment, and email us at your name, contact details and reservation list will be contacted once a deposit of SGD50 for this set has been paid.


Queen’s Blade – Guardian of the Forest Nowa

April 22, 2009



Name: Nowa
Height: 158 cm
B :78
W :55
H :81
Occupation: Keeper of the forest
Weapons: Stick
Armor: None (Protected by her monkey, Ruu)
Favorite things: Animals
What do you hate: Lonely
Hobbies: A collection of beautiful stone




Nowa was born in a family of half Elves Human. Being left by a mysterious man in a village, Nowa was found and raised by the humans, not knowing her parents. Due to her strength, she was hated by the people in the village. Being lonely, Nowa left the village and got lost in the wood of the elves.

The chief warrior of the Elves Tribe found her and felt sorry for the circumstances she went through, and appointed her the role of the guardian of the forest. Nowa, now spend her days playing with the animals of the forest, helping those that get lost their way around the forest and protecting the forest from harms.

Her goal in entering Queen’s Blade is to pave the way for better relationships between humans and elves.


Item name: Queen’s Blade – Nowa (PVC Figure)

Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 

Scale: 1/7

Retail: ¥7980

Material: PVC 

Producer: Akio Akiyama 

Original: Queen’s Blade 

Release Date: April 2009

Character created by Hirata Yuuzou




Item name: Queen’s Blade – Nowa (PVC Figure)

(Treasure Festa Exclusive)

Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises 

Scale: 1/7

Retail: ¥6000

Material: PVC 

Producer: Akio Akiyama 

Original: Queen’s Blade 

Release Date: April 2009

Character created by Hirata Yuuzou


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Possible Large Scale Ironman Piece From Sideshow At SDCC 2009?

April 13, 2009

Spotted on the internet, an excerpt of a Q&A session from Sideshow Collectibles:

Q: Any chance of a 1:1 scale Iron Man statue based on the movie (like the one Sideshow displayed at the San Diego Comic-Con last year)? I know there is a great deal of interest on the boards for this piece!

A: We do have an exciting large-scale Iron Man product in development, which we plan to unveil at SDCC. It is not a 1:1 scale piece, but we think you’ll be impressed.

After hearing about this piece of juicy news, iWantThatToy cracked some heads and this is what we found:



Could this possibly be the large scale piece that Sideshow is talking about?

So we cracked a few more heads and came up with even more pictures!

Gawd Dayum!!!

Gawd Dayum!!!


It’s certainly going to be an expensive year for collectors. These are about the best statues I’ve seen this year.

SDCC will be interesting indeed!


World of Warcraft – Frostmourne Replica

April 11, 2009

If you’ve ever played Warcraft (the RTS) and/or Wrath of the Lich King, you’ll have heard of Frostmourne, the Legendary weapon of the Lich King.

Mmm...nice lava lamp...

Mmm...nice lava lamp...

So, for all you warcraft fanatics out there, here’s something cool, the Frostmourne LIFESIZE (yes, you read correct, this is 47 inches of cold, hard steel) replica:


Whoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit.

Such was the warning given to all who would seek to wield Frostmourne, the most powerful runeblade in all of known existence.



Weighing almost 8kg, this replica is no butter knife.
Gotta love cool looking squiggles.

Gotta love cool looking squiggles.

 With a price tag to match its size, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to own this beauty. Congratulations to everyone out there who got their hands on one.