Black Rock Shooter From GoodSmile

April 6, 2009

Scheduled for release in August 2009:


If you don’t already know, this sexy number is Black Rock Shooter, brought to beautiful 1/8 scale (290mm height) life by GoodSmile.


She has been sculpted holding her huge Rock Cannon, in an striking pose that draws out her mysterious charm. Her flowing hair and jacket, as well as her weapon and beautiful stand have all been carefully sculpted – even the smallest of details have had careful attention paid to them, making this a top quality figure from anybody’s viewpoint.


The original illustration by huke, “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER” has been brought to life! When ryo first saw huke’s illustration, he was inspired to compose a song based on the image, huke then created a PV for that song, which became a huge hit online. Even a CD has been released! Heres the MTV:

Pretty cool, huh?


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